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Underwater Photography – Didemnum molle shrimp

Didemnum molle shrimp.  The first Photo was taken by accident during a 2010 trip to Tulamben, Bali.  The following year, a better image was sought after.  The Didemnum molle were located in 8m depth, near the shore of a dive site know as the Coral Garden. These shrimp would be 3-4mm in length.

Common Names: – tall urn ascidian, green reef sea-squirt, or green barrel sea squirt.

  • Martin - Hello Mick,

    Long time not seen, I have not seen it. How big is this shrimp?
    Knowing your enthusiasm for your big macro lens, probably tiny…
    Will look in June, any advice on favorite location and dept?

    Kind regards,


    • - Hi Martin,

      Yes, this shrimp is small, maybe 2mm long. I have found them in depths between 8-10m at Tulamben. These photos were taken with my 180mm Canon Macro with a Canon screw-on close-up lens.ReplyCancel

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